Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Courts / Poor vs Rich

Not long ago in Greenville, S.C. A Millionaire was to be Sentenced for driving his Maserati Sports Car though a Mans House and Killing him. The Millionaire was driving nearly 100 MPH in a 35 mile per hour speed zone. His car Cleared the back fence without touching it and plowed into the House. The Maserati went Completely though the House. The Victim, 61 yoa, was in his chair watching a Basketball game on his TV. He was Killed instantly by the Millionaires car.

This Millionaire got no Prison Time ??!! He kills a person and was Charged with Reckless Homocide. And gets no Time ?? The Judge, James C. Williams Jr., who is known for giving out Harsh sentences, lets the Millionaire Walk ??!! The Citizens of Up State, SC are outraged. And want heads to roll. But, I fear nothing will be done to correct the Injustice.

I wonder if this had been a regular Joe would he have gotten the same Sentence ?!
I seriously doubt it. How about you ?? The Millionaire has countless Speeding Tickets, 19 in 17 years, showing a History of not caring about our Laws made to keep us safe. And he gets no Time ??

This kind of thing happens everyday in our Courts throughout the United States.
The Poor go to Prison and the Rich walk !? It's Shameful.

This same Judge, James C. Williams Jr., sentenced a friend of mine to 9 years in Prison. My friend killed no one. Nor Injured anyone. And had no prior record.
Or any speeding Tickets. This same Judge puts a First Time Offender in Prison for years ?! 9 Years. What an injustice. My friend was wrong for what he did, but he killed nor injuried no one. The Millionairs Victim is 6 Feet under. Not my friends.
Some Judge.

Get this, The Judge was brought out of Retirement to Sentence this Millionaire ?!
( John Ludwig ) And he gets NO Prison time ?? With a clear disrecard for our Highway Laws. 19 Tickets for Spending !! And this Judge lets him walk ??!!

This same Judge gives my Friend 9 Years and took him from his kids. My Friends Ex-Mother-in-Law and Ex-Wife stood beside him at his Sentencing. They were their because my friend had never before done anything like this. The Judge, The Great James C. Williams Jr., did not care about these character witnesses or that he had No prior Criminal History. What a Judge...........

Millionaires walk all to often. They buy their way out of trouble. The Poor or lower middle class do their time. And at times way to much time for Political reasons.

Thank You

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