Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where is AL Gore Again??

And Why Doesn't Al Gore Tell the Truth.

"Truth being that The Polar Ice Caps have Actually

Grown in Size for The Past Few Years by Miles."

Global Warming is a Hoax.

And Al Gore Makes Millions off Scaring

People into Believing his Lies. ($$$$)

No Class AL ...

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Where was OBama This Time ??

When the Oil Spill in the Gulf had been Leaking

for a Few Days. OBama went on another Vacation !?

To Ashville, N.C. this Time.

Isn't OBama always on Vacations ??

( Hawaii, Europe, Parish so Michelle

can go Shopping. )( how much did she

spend ?? Sarah Palin was Roasted in

the Liberal Media for her Spending.

But the MS. OBama can spend whatever

She wants to !? This because Shes Black

and is just Now Proud to be an American ?? )

Now the Oil Spill is a Disaster. And OBama is

always on Vacation Everytime something goes

Wrong ???? ( While In Hawaii an American Plan was

Nearly Blown Up. OBama didn't even have the Sense

Enough to come back OFF Vacation ??! Some Leader...

What a Jackass !! )

OBama is a Joke. The Man has No Experience and People

Voted Him Into Office ???? OBama got to be President

Because He's Black !!

Many of People have said this. Even to the Media.

The Thing is it's TRUE ...

The Man was Raised by His White Grand Parents because His

Black Father had Run Off. Typical. And his Mother had

passed away.

During the Campaine, OBama threw His White Grand Mother

Under The Campaine Bus ?!! This by saying his Grand Mother

used to "Cringe" when she walked passed Black Men !??

This Lady changed his Diapers, Feed his Ass, sent him

to Good Schools, and NOBAMA trying his best to put a

White lady down. THis Grandmother again Raised him.

After his Father, Black Male, had run off as they

usually do.

What a No Class Ass. Both White Grand Parents either

Fought in WW II and The GrandMother worked in a Bomb

Factory !!!!

To get more Blacks Voters OBama did this to People who

Loved Him and Raised Him ???? No Class Ass ...

Now Whenever we have an Emergency in the USA

NOBama is No Where to be Found Basicly.

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