Friday, January 8, 2010

OBama and C-Span / "You Lie"

OBama promised in his Campaign for 2 Years that he would have
all White House Meetings placed on C-Span. His Words.

Not One Meeting has the Great OBama allowed on C-Span
as he Promised during His Campaign ????

Nor has Congress been on C-Span. Another Promise OBama
Broke. 2 Lies on Top of His Other Lies.

Joe Wilson, Senator, of SC was Dead On. When he said,
"You Lie" to OBama at one of his great Speechs.( Joe Wilson
is a Retired Army man of 25 Years Service, His Sons
are in Iraq as I Type this. ) OBama Lies
to use everyday. And, for 2 Years while Campaigning Lied
to our Faces about being "Transparent." ( A Transparent
Goverment.) All Meetings to be
LIVE on C-Span. More Lies...

C-SPAN sent a Letter to Congress and OBama about the LIVE
C-SPAN Promise. They have yet to answer it. ( LIARS )

OBama gave this Country a Song and a Dance Only. His Campaign
Promises are all Lies. The Economy is, under OBamas Watch,
getting Worse. Though he Spent $ 900 Billion Dollars to Fix
the Economy, it's getting Worse.

Ask Your CongressMan about C-Span broken Promises....

Thanks for your Time.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Global Warming is a Hoax and Al Gore Too

For the past Few Years the Earths Temps. have Actually Dropped !!
Yes, Temps. Dropped...

But, why didn't Al Gore tell us about these Facts !!?? Al Gore
is getting Rich off The Global Warming Hoax. So he will never,
never, tell you the True - Up to Date Facts. (??!!)

Antarctica has Grown by 10 Square Miles in the Past 2 Years. Did
you hear about this ?? Al Gore, I Promise, won't be giving you
none of these Facts. Count on it.

Al Gore is putting on a Hoax about Global Warming to get Rich.
He's made Millions. Put all the Hoaxers together, and your talking
Billions of Dollars Spent on a HOAX. Period.

And, have you Stepped Outside Lately. The South East and South are in
Single Digits with the Wind Chill. Not Usual for the South and South
East to be so Cold. 8 Days now The South at Night doesn't get above 20
Gegrees. (??!!)

Someone Tell Al Gore to Step Outside and to Review what the Scientist
are indeed saying Today.

Thank You