Saturday, November 21, 2009

Judges / Prosecutors

Judges and Prosecutors play with peoples lives everyday. Sometime they get it right.
But, most of the time Prosecutors drop Cases more than 40% of the time. And Judges it seems get it wrong a lot of times. Like Judges give very light sentences to people who Molest children ??
Or they give a light sentence to someone with a long rap sheet ??
Then turn around and give people with no Criminal History a long Sentence.
Its all a game to them. Peoples lives.

Wait til God Judges them. Then they will see the real Judge !!

Some Judges and Prosecutors do try to get it right. But the bad ones make them
all look guilty.

When you see someone running for District Attorney or Head Solicitor and they claim to have cleared a back log of cases, they cleared them alright. What they actually did was drop a bunch of cases to make themselves look good.

Police officers, Sheriff Deputies and Highway Patrol Men work hard to keep our Cities and Towns safe. And Highways too. But Prosecutors all to often drop cases that get back logged. Then say they've cleared alot of cases ?!

And the Judges that let the rich get away with anything are taking bribes. They do it all across the Country. The Poor to lower Middle Class get Prison time because they can't pay for a decent Lawyer. But, the Rich walk away with no time to serve in Prison. Remember O.J.

Their time will come. The crooked Lawyers and Judges will pay a high price for selling their soules to the Devil himself.