Thursday, November 12, 2009

FBI / Army / CID

The FBI should have let the Army know that the

Murderer, Major Hasan, was talking to Al-quada.

Here again the FBI fails us all.

Major Hasan should have been in the Brigg. And an

investigation going on.

His co-workers could have told how he gave anti-American

sermons. And how he said Muslims should rise up against

Americans, the invaders. The Army itself should have done

something also. With all his hate speeches and what not.

And the Army and / or FBI should have told the Armys CID

Division about this nut job.

Maybe one day our Government will get it right and save lives.

Thank you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Political Correctness cost 13 Americans their Lives

The FBI and the Army Knew Major Hasan was sending and
receiving E-Mails from Al-Quaida. Nothing was done ??

Political Correctness cost us 13 American Lives. This
because you can't discriminate against a Muslim ??!!
What ????

This Terrorist, Major Hasan, should have been in Getmo and/or
Leavenworth Kansas Military Prison Months ago...............

You send E-mails to American Enemies, you go to Prison
for life. Period.