Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OBama is Still Dropping in the Polls / And Where Are The Jobs He Promised ??

And Will Continue To As Long As He Keeps

The Same Cabinet.

This Spend, Spend, Spend Is Not The Answer.

And, Where Are The Jobs OBama Promised

Us ??  He Spends and Spends. Still Little

To No Jobs Created ????

One And Done People Are Saying These Days.

And I Have To Agree.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Miami Dolphins Got Robbed By The Referee Of A Win Sunday 10-24-10

How Can It Not Be Miami's Ball ??
They recovered The Ball In The End Zone !!

40 Years Of Watching Football And Never
Have The Ref's Made A Call Like That ??

Miami Recovered The Fumble From The Bottom
Of The Pile. MIAMI'S BALL !!!? ( PittsBurg Did
Not Recover The Fumble. Miami Did. ) Miami
Players Can Be Seen Diving On The Ball !!

And Recovering It !!??

What The Hey ??!!!!!

And Know this; The Ref. Is From PA. Too ??!
Owns a Business Their. ( PA. ) WHY Is He
OFFiciating This Game Then ???????
Miami vs Pittsburg ( PA. ) ??

" Conflict Of Interest " - " Perhaps "

" Bad Business NFL ... "

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Gods Graces


Where are All the "Jobs" You Promised OBama ????

Jobs ????

One and Done.

Go back to Chicago OBama. You Cannot

Run Our Great Country.

Besides, You have Never had a Real Job

Until Now.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

OBama says Mosque Should Be Allowed Near Ground Zero ?? Is He Nuts !!

What About Sacred Ground Idiot ...

What About The Victims Families ...

OBama Needs To Grow A Brain ...

What A Jackass ...

One Term And Done OSAMA

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

MOSQUE at Ground Zero ???? / Cowardly City Officials In NY

NO WAY ........................

IT'S UNTHINKABLE ...............


GROW SOME BRAINS ...............

AND BALLS ......................


( satan though, is always at play )

I Pray God Hears Our Prayers

Thank You,

South Carolina ( I LOVE NY TOO )

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BP Paid Millions in Bribes - Payoffs / To let a Convicted Terrorist Go Free ??!! All For Oil ...

BP Paid Off Officials To Get A Terrorist Out

Of Prison. ( Lockerbee, Scotland ) This For Oil

Rights Off The Coast Of Libya ???!

Sick People

So Much For The 290 Dead Souls BP ??!!

Wheres Their Justice ??

BP and The Dirty British Officials Have

These Innocent Victims Blood On Their Hands.

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OBama Couldn't Run An Ant Farm Behind Glass

Let Alone This Great Country Of Ours.

Lord Have Mercy On Us ...


Sunday, July 4, 2010

We Thank God for America ... And this Great Earth of Ours ... Amen

We Thank God for All Things

For This 4 th. of July, Thank You God

And Christ Jesus.

Prays Be to God Almighty


Thanks for Reading Thy Bible Today

Saturday, June 12, 2010

OBamas Waterloo


BP is Killing The Gulf Coast / " Solutions "

Lets try the "Hey" Idea or

"Woven Cloth" Idea or

Let the Norweigans try their Ideals.
( The Norweigans were Turned Down but
now The OBama Admin. wants their help ??
OBama Admin. Dropped the Ball again. )

Anything and Everything Lets give it a Go !!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Confused President - OBama

10 Days it Took Him to Respond to The Panty Bomber.

12 days to Respond to The Oil Crisis in the Gulf.

( Both While On Vacations ?? )

But, It Took OBama "Only" 8 Hours to Call

White Police Officers Racist. This because They

had to Arrest a Black Harvard Professor who was

Acting Like a Jackass. More like a Child.

Later OBama Apologized to The Police Officers for

His Words. And had Beers with the Crazy Professor and

the Arresting Officer at the White House Outside.

What a Great President We Have ????

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Get This - Al Gore is Moving Into a Mansion

From the Monies he's Made Off Global Warming

Tales. Ol' Al is Buying a Mansion Worth $$$$

Millions of Dollars in California ??!!

It doesn't have a Bunker but it does have

a Swimming Pool and Tennis Courts. And Roughly

10,000 Sq. ft. for Ol' Al's Big Head and



( The Ice Caps, North @ South Poles, Have

Grown By Miles The Last Few Years. But

Ol' AL says Nothing About This

Information ???? )

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where is AL Gore Again??

And Why Doesn't Al Gore Tell the Truth.

"Truth being that The Polar Ice Caps have Actually

Grown in Size for The Past Few Years by Miles."

Global Warming is a Hoax.

And Al Gore Makes Millions off Scaring

People into Believing his Lies. ($$$$)

No Class AL ...

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Where was OBama This Time ??

When the Oil Spill in the Gulf had been Leaking

for a Few Days. OBama went on another Vacation !?

To Ashville, N.C. this Time.

Isn't OBama always on Vacations ??

( Hawaii, Europe, Parish so Michelle

can go Shopping. )( how much did she

spend ?? Sarah Palin was Roasted in

the Liberal Media for her Spending.

But the MS. OBama can spend whatever

She wants to !? This because Shes Black

and is just Now Proud to be an American ?? )

Now the Oil Spill is a Disaster. And OBama is

always on Vacation Everytime something goes

Wrong ???? ( While In Hawaii an American Plan was

Nearly Blown Up. OBama didn't even have the Sense

Enough to come back OFF Vacation ??! Some Leader...

What a Jackass !! )

OBama is a Joke. The Man has No Experience and People

Voted Him Into Office ???? OBama got to be President

Because He's Black !!

Many of People have said this. Even to the Media.

The Thing is it's TRUE ...

The Man was Raised by His White Grand Parents because His

Black Father had Run Off. Typical. And his Mother had

passed away.

During the Campaine, OBama threw His White Grand Mother

Under The Campaine Bus ?!! This by saying his Grand Mother

used to "Cringe" when she walked passed Black Men !??

This Lady changed his Diapers, Feed his Ass, sent him

to Good Schools, and NOBAMA trying his best to put a

White lady down. THis Grandmother again Raised him.

After his Father, Black Male, had run off as they

usually do.

What a No Class Ass. Both White Grand Parents either

Fought in WW II and The GrandMother worked in a Bomb

Factory !!!!

To get more Blacks Voters OBama did this to People who

Loved Him and Raised Him ???? No Class Ass ...

Now Whenever we have an Emergency in the USA

NOBama is No Where to be Found Basicly.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

OBama is Still Dropping in the Polls

Go Figure. Spend, Spend and More Spending

by this Clown. No Surprise There.

And Iran is Getting More and

More Radical. And OBama and Co.

are doing nothing. Islamics think

OBama is Weak. So Do I...

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Tax Tips for you from the IRS that can save you "LOTS" of Money

This TV Station did a Story on Tax Breaks

and you may Wish to Read the Article.

WWW.WSPA.COM Type in the Search Box

"Taxes 2009." And just read for yourself.

Or go to the IRS Web page.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wheres the Jobs You Promised OBama ????

As the Congressman from S.C. said,

"You Lie." Spot on there.

Trillions Spent and No New Jobs !!??


Go away OBama, please go away.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Al Gore is Stuck in a Snow Storm in the South...


Perhaps his Global Warming Theory
is Wrong.

And he ought to give back the Millions
( $$ ) he made off of His Lies.

Did Al Gore tell you that the Ice Caps
have Actually Grown in the Past Few
Years ?! NO ?? Go Figure...

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Al Gore is Stuck in a Snow Strom in the South...

And he Swears it's a Tea Party Trick ?!

"Global Warming would not allow this," Gore

says. And Continued by saying,"It's a Conspiracy

I Tell You."

Al Gore has made $90 Million Dollars off of

this Global Warming Farce...

Lay down Already Gore.

Get a real Job Man

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Freedoms - and OBama needs to Protect them Better...

The Terrorist Feared both Bush and Cheney.

They do not Fear OBama. He has got to

get Tough on Terrorist.

Make them Terrorist Fear Us Again. And Our

Military. Come on OBama, Get tough man.

Our Lives depend on it. And Freedoms.

( Our Forefathers Dead for Our Freedoms )

Tighten Up Obama...

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Global Warming is a Hoax


Check out this News Report. ( Above Link )Some are
now Hiding the Facts that Climate Change Isn't
What they said it was. ( It's a Hoax is What it is.)

The Earth isn't going through a Rapid Temperature
Change after all. Imagine that.

The Tree's in Siberia tell us the Earth isn't Warming up
nearly as Fast as reported. THIS Information was Omitted
from Climate Change Reports ??!!

We were Lied too. And, Al Gore and Many others, are getting
Rich off this Hoax.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

OBama and C-Span / "You Lie"

OBama promised in his Campaign for 2 Years that he would have
all White House Meetings placed on C-Span. His Words.

Not One Meeting has the Great OBama allowed on C-Span
as he Promised during His Campaign ????

Nor has Congress been on C-Span. Another Promise OBama
Broke. 2 Lies on Top of His Other Lies.

Joe Wilson, Senator, of SC was Dead On. When he said,
"You Lie" to OBama at one of his great Speechs.( Joe Wilson
is a Retired Army man of 25 Years Service, His Sons
are in Iraq as I Type this. ) OBama Lies
to use everyday. And, for 2 Years while Campaigning Lied
to our Faces about being "Transparent." ( A Transparent
Goverment.) All Meetings to be
LIVE on C-Span. More Lies...

C-SPAN sent a Letter to Congress and OBama about the LIVE
C-SPAN Promise. They have yet to answer it. ( LIARS )

OBama gave this Country a Song and a Dance Only. His Campaign
Promises are all Lies. The Economy is, under OBamas Watch,
getting Worse. Though he Spent $ 900 Billion Dollars to Fix
the Economy, it's getting Worse.

Ask Your CongressMan about C-Span broken Promises....

Thanks for your Time.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Global Warming is a Hoax and Al Gore Too

For the past Few Years the Earths Temps. have Actually Dropped !!
Yes, Temps. Dropped...

But, why didn't Al Gore tell us about these Facts !!?? Al Gore
is getting Rich off The Global Warming Hoax. So he will never,
never, tell you the True - Up to Date Facts. (??!!)

Antarctica has Grown by 10 Square Miles in the Past 2 Years. Did
you hear about this ?? Al Gore, I Promise, won't be giving you
none of these Facts. Count on it.

Al Gore is putting on a Hoax about Global Warming to get Rich.
He's made Millions. Put all the Hoaxers together, and your talking
Billions of Dollars Spent on a HOAX. Period.

And, have you Stepped Outside Lately. The South East and South are in
Single Digits with the Wind Chill. Not Usual for the South and South
East to be so Cold. 8 Days now The South at Night doesn't get above 20
Gegrees. (??!!)

Someone Tell Al Gore to Step Outside and to Review what the Scientist
are indeed saying Today.

Thank You